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Shimano Dynamics Lab industry-leading bike fitting program provides REAL results for riders.

Bike Fitting at Velo Culture

Velo Culture is the first retailer in the country to provide you with the industry’s leading bike fit system!

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The Shimano Dynamics Lab Professional Analysis is specifically designed for athletes who strive for absolute optimization of physical performance or those with particular physical problems, especially related to hip, knee and ankle functions. Building on the results of a standard analysis, the we employ the Position Simulator to adjust for the cyclist’s ideal saddle setback.

Dynamic Bike Fitting at Velo Culture

The Position Simulator has three functions:

  • To determine the exact seat angle of the frame, which is a direct result of the ratio of upper and lower leg length. This also calculates the correct fore-and-aft adjustment of the saddle which assists optimal power transfer and a stable position on the saddle.
  • To determine an asymmertic seat position to compensate, for example, for differences in leg length which often leads to pain in the lower back area.
  • To simulate the position that the computer program has calculated and to enable the client to immediately experience this improvement.

The solution combines over 25 years of expertise, comprehensive data and devices from with technologies from a team of fitters and engineers in the newly formed Shimano Dynamics Lab. This team aided Shimano in its product development to deliver world-class hardware and software and comprehensive bike fitting solutions.

The system creates an advanced fitting environment and service offering powerful tools and devices that simplify and demystify the fit process to deliver unparalleled rider analysis.

Static Bike Fitting at Velo Culture

Simple, powerful, intuitive solution delivering real results:

The solution creates an industry leading fit in several ways. The solution utilizes a Wizard Mode that drastically simplifies the process and also cuts the standard dynamic fit time in half, for a roughly 1.5 hour fit.

The system utilizes a state-of-the-art 3D motion capture camera and integrated software for ultimate precision, and an industry leading 3D pedaling analyzer with its unique, original graphical user interface (GUI) for real-time visualization.

The ultimate, real position analysis:

The first step in the fit process utilizes the static measurement tool and software algorithms that helps riders select combinations of bicycles or frames from an established database. The device can be used as a standalone solution but is also as a foundation for the total engineered by Shimano Dynamics Lab solution.

Pedaling Analysis at Velo Culture

Shimano Dynamics Lab engineers have pushed the envelope with the adjustable position simulator fit bike that integrates leading edge technology, exceptional stability and legendary Shimano quality and durability. The position simulator’s features set the new industry benchmark in fit bike technology.

Dynamic fitting enables advanced motion analysis:

Shimano Dynamics Lab technology allows us to take the static fit to the next level and further optimize it by incorporating body specific issues, range of motion, flexibility and riding style in a unique dynamics fitting process.

New industry exclusive power analysis:

The 3D  pedaling analyzer is an industry first that provides new and unique three dimensional analysis for us to further improve the pedal stroke. Engineered by the Shimano Dynamics Lab, the 3D pedaling analyzer visualizes, in real time through its custom GUI, left and right pedaling forces to deliver effective force ratio and braking loss data. This data allows us to micro analyze in new ways the movement and power transferred through the foot along the pedal axis for improvements in the shoe-pedal interface.

Pedaling Analysis at Velo Culture

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