Shimano Service Centre

Whether you use your bike for sports, commuting or recreation, a reliable bike service is key in ensuring that you continue to enjoy your bike. Regular bike service by professionals increases the longevity of your bike as well as your riding pleasure. It also helps prevent unexpected, avoidable service costs.

Why Shimano Service Centre?
At a Shimano Service Centre, you get excellent bike care from the people who know your bike best. You never have to worry about quality, reliability or safety. We do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you to take good care of your bike. Ask us anything. We are always happy to help and offer advice. We demonstrate our expertise in what we do for you − every time.

  • We deliver excellent bike care:
  • Carried out by Shimano trained and certified staff
  • Using Shimano Original Parts
  • Applying the latest Shimano technology

Velo Culture’s Shimano Service Centre is a fully functional facility providing excellent and efficient servicing and repairs from trained mechanics at a time that suits you!

Contact us to book your bike in for service or repair, or to use our Shimano Dynamics Lab professional bike fit to help avoid all those nasty aches and pains after your ride!



Bike Service and repair price list (excluding parts):

Standard Service – Brake and Gear adjustments / Chain check / Tyre pressure check, tyre inspection / Rim inspection / BB and Pedal check / Headset check – £39.99


E-bike Service (Bosch/Shimano) – (Standard service +) includes connection to diagnostic equipment and installation of latest updates - £59.99


Bike Builds/PDI from box

Adult bike - £49.99

Kids bike - £29.99


Custom Bike Builds – Will be assessed and priced on an individual basis*



Surcharge of 25% for all parts fitted not purchased in this shop.



V – Brakes and Mechanical Discs
Adjustment/Setup V- Brakes – £6.99 per pair
Fitment of new Brake Pads inc Setup – £6.99 per pair
Fitment of Cable and Setup – £9.99
Fitment of Pads, Cables and Setup – £16.99 per brake


Hydraulic Brakes

Full System Service (x2 calipers bled, discs cleaned & pads setup) - £39.99

Fitment of new lever/caliper/hose inc bleed - £24.99

Individual Caliper Bleed - £14.99

Fitment of Brake Pad and Setup - £6.99 per pair

Spray Clean Brake Discs - £4.99 per pair

Fitment of Brake Disc - £4.99


Index Transmission – £9.99 per mech
Replace Inner or Outer Cables – £9.99 per cable
Fitment of Derailleur (non Di2) – £19.99

Fitment of Shift Lever - £14.99

Fitment of New Chain - £4.99

Cassette Fitment - £4.99

Drivetrain Degrease in Parts Washer - £24.99

Fitment of Crankset/Chainrings - £19.99

Replace BB / inc. Extracting existing BB + Cranks - £24.99

BB Service - £19.99

Fitment of Chain Guide - £19.99

Gear Hanger Alignment - £14.99

Replace Gear Hanger - £9.99

Fitment of Pedals - £4.99


Fork Fitting – £29.99
Steerer Tube Cut – £19.99
Crown Race Fit – £5.99
Shock Fitting – £9.99
Dropper Post Fitment - £19.99


Tyre Fitment / Tube Fitment – £5.99
Tubeless Tyre Fitment (inc. sealant) – £9.99 per tyre
Sealant top-up/refill – £4.99
Cone Tighten – £4.99
Truing (inc. x1 Spoke Fitment) – £19.99
Hub Service x1 Hub (Front) – £19.99
Hub Service x1 Hub (Rear) – £19.99
Freehub Service – £29.99



Headset Service – £9.99
Headset Adjustment – £4.99
Headset Fitment – £19.99

Bar Tape Fitment - £14.99

MTB Grip Fitment - £4.99

Fit/Cut/Replace Handlebar - £14.99

Fit/Replace Stem - £14.99


Bike Stands / Lights / Computers / Bottle Cages / Seats / Seatposts – £4.99
Full Mud Guards Fitment – £17.99
Di2 Updates – £4.99 each
Standard Bike Wash – £9.99


Bikes should be clean on arrival to allow work to be carried out.


Older bikes or bikes in a poor state of repair may take longer to service due to corrosion of parts. A surcharge may be added if extra service time is required.